Hoek group

Hoek group is a family business with over 40 years of experience in the worldwide purchase and sales of flowers and plants. Peter Hoek and Arjan Glasbergen are in charge and the sons of Peter Hoek are all active in various parts of the organization. Hoek group consist of the following businesses: Hoek groothandel, Hoek commissie, Hoek flowers and Hoek handling.

Hoek groothandel

Having and maintaining an extensive and interesting assortment suitable for various customer groups is the daily task of the Hoek groothandel purchasing team. The team, consisting of 23 buying specialists, ensures you will have a choice of 4500 different types of flowers (directly from the grower) and 1500 types of plants 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Hoek commissie

About 35 years ago Peter Hoek started as a Flying Dutchman in France. This part of the business, which is named Hoek commissie, is the foundation of the Hoek group. Hoek commissie itself does not longer own flower trucks, but has become a purchasing and service provider for external Flying Dutchman which are active in various countries in Europe.

Hoek flowers

The daily mission of Hoek flowers is “To globally provide flower related businesses with fresh flowers and plants in the fastest way possible by delivering a seamless shopping experience from beginning to end”. Via our web shop florists, wedding and/or event designers have 24/7 access to an extensive assortment which Hoek flowers delivers door-to-door in more than 52 countries worldwide.

Hoek Handling

Splitting, a different sleeve, wrapping, mixing and all other actions that can distinguish you from your competition can be provided by Hoek handling. Outsourcing these actions, which are time consuming, can save you a lot of time. To ensure that your flowers are stored and processed in the very best conditions, Hoek handling uses its own cold stores and professional processing belts.